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We are looking for all classes and laid back people.
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Welcome to ALP

    Welcome to our website. Our guild is know by Alphapack or ALP. We're a laid back guild that loves to have fun that is why we play. In our guild we like to talk in guild chat, run randoms, run battlegrounds, run raids, or just hang out with each other. Honestly if you are looking for friends this is a great guild for you and if you're a real hardcore player this may not be the guild for you because we are a very laid back guild. If you are hardcore and would like to join you are more than welcome in our guild.

About our site

    This site has many different kind of tools for you to use for your guild. If you want to keep updated on the server status or if you just want to know what your other guild friends are up to. There is also a library available on this site it gives you a lot of guides and info to help you along in wow. I'll try and add some very good websites that have helped me through my years of playing. Also we are looking into a voice chat system we'll update you asap when we have one.

About your GMs

    Ormond is the gm that is me. There will be another gm that is my wife. We have both been playing wow for a few years now. We used to be horde all the time but when Cataclysm came out we both had to play wargens. I have a blood elf hunter on Earthen Ring server if anyone would like to come and hang out there sometimes to the name is Drakio. He is a level 83 right now I'm working up to 85. My wife had a level 80 warlock on that server as well. Both of us are very laid back and love to play. We don't mind if you don't log in for a long time we understand other people have lives so please don't get afraid thinking you're going to get kicked for not logging in. We love to hang out in wow and play around with our friends. If you ever want to know more about the guild feel free to ask me or send me an email at I hope everyone enjoys the website.


  1. We ask everyone to be nice please. This can lead up to getting kicked from the guild.
  2. When we do have a guild bank do not steal from our bank. This well get you kicked asap.
  3. We ask for you to have fun and don't spoil it for others. We know people need help but please do not ask in guild chat a million times over. Sometimes people just want to play by themselves so if you ask for help to much this can spoil it for some of our friends. There are many things that can help you and if your lost ask me I can help there are officers in the guild that can answer questions to. But please ask politely and don't ask to many times.
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Other Guild News

Guild Site Opened

Drakio84, Dec 11, 10 4:05 PM.
The Guild Site is now Opened. We hope you enjoy it.
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Farstriders (RP)
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